Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lithuanian Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!!!
Marguciai are an important part of celebrating Easter in Lithuania.
They have come to symbolize the rebirth of nature and the creation of life.
This year I was taught how to make Marguciai and let me tell you it
requires a lot of patience and there are no short cuts.
Check out Rima Rama's blog here  and her step by step tutorial on how to make Marguciai using
the wax technique.

Here are some great photos of Marguciai courtesy of the Lithuanian American Community in Arizona.
Check out this link here to read everything you would possibly want to know about making
It's really an art form.
Easter eggs

wax 1
Photo courtesy of the Lithuanian American Community in Arizona

This egg was painted by Juozas Jasiunas.

Here are some photos of the eggs I made.
You start with clean eggs and wax a design on them, submerging them
in a bath of hot water, vinegar and food coloring. Once that done you have
to scratch off the wax for the big reveal.
It's a labor of love!!!

As you can see I still have a lot of learn and my technique needs
improvement but I'm sure with a lot of practice I'll get there.

Happy Easter!!!

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