Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Plans for VU

...a little late but it's ok...right???

Pack my breakfast and lunch for work at least 3 times a week
This is going to be really hard....It's the planning ahead...but I will try.

Get 8 hours of sleep each night
I usually get about 6 hours if I'm lucky...that is going to change. I
function so much better when I get 8 hours or more.

Keep my car clean and when I get my new car keep it even cleaner
It's time to retire the old car and buy a new one. I have been hunting
for a new car and I promise to keep this car super clean

Reorganize my second bedroom
Suddenly my second bedroom transformed itself into a storage unit. Yikes!!!
I bought a new couch didn't have the heart to throw out the old couch out so I squished it into the second bedroom...but it's time to get it together...
I'm ready to move forward.

Take more cooking classes
I'm thinking about taking some random classes here and there but then enrolling
in a 12 week class during the summer and just learn it all.

Read more
I love books, I love reading. Someday I hope to have a larger home over looking the ocean with a loft to use as a sitting room and library. Bliss....

Improve my Russian and Lithuanian language
This will be super easy....I'm improving daily with the help of
my family.

Take some photography classes
I love my new cameras...just need to figure out how everything works.

Set up my printer
Oh boy!!! Wish me luck

Remodel Bathroom
Once I purchase the car which is going to be happening very soon...the next plan is to start thinking
about remodeling one of my bathrooms and put in a deep tub. I have been waiting 
for this moment for a really long time

Buy Washer and Dryer
So first comes the car, the remodel and yes at long last my own washer and dryer....this might happen
towards the very end of 2012 but nevertheless I would really like to make this happen.

Finish my crocheting projects
I'm loving the whole process. I should actually learn how to knit but I
have to finish this project before I start another one. 
Wish me luck!!!

The Beach
Spend lots of my free time at the beach and just taking in the beauty

I have a lot more plans this year but this is definitely a great start.
I'll keep you posted,
Happy 2012.

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