Sunday, June 12, 2011

9 Things about VU

I love drinking coffee...anytime and anywhere.

Jewelry, Beads and Stuff
I really love making jewelry, shopping for beads and
thinking of new things to make. 

I love to bake and secretly I know I should have gone
to pastry school.

The Beach
I love the beach and being near the water.

I am a magazine junkie!!!

Perfume, Makeup and Girl Stuff
I am a perfume and make up junkie and I have way too many body lotions, creams, lipsticks
and potions for my own good...but I love each and every bottle
and yes....I use everything!!! Thank goodness I have two bathrooms....
 each spilling over with goodies.

The Kitchen
My kitchen is my favorite room to spend time.

I just discovered fennel and love it thinly shaved on pizza or
in a salad.

I am a horrible speller. Thanks goodness for spell check.

Happy Monday!!!

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