Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I love about Summer

 strawberries the sun waves relaxing flip flops iced tea
Manhattan Beach vacations riding bikes barbecues peaches 
people smiling salty hair warm evenings the beach pools
sailboats starfish watermelon tacos watching waves 
lying in the shade camping hot weather surfers boyfriends
naps at the beach Jack Johnson energy t-shirts hiking 
kissing at the beach family lemonade sand volleyball fun 
having friends over for dinner long days lazy afternoons
being laid back happy driving with the windows down
sea shells  diving under the waves beach picnics hammocks
family making new friends catching up with old friends Popsicles 
summer storms warm winds homemade ice cream sand castles
drives along the coast cold drinks watching the waves from the shore
listening to the radio reading magazines sunsets daylight savings
friends friends and more friends volleyball swimming
blue skies warm evenings smiles relaxing mango's day trips
tide pools ocean boats falling in love warm evenings raspberries
smoothies visiting the pier pinkberry shopping for new sandals
  ocean views waterfalls making no plans is the plan low tide iced coffee
vanilla bean frappes seaglass Malibu being me 

I recently saw a list very similar to the one above and I loved it so much I made
my own. I wish I could remember who created it because I would give them
credit. So here is to who ever created this list. You are such inspiration and clever too.
Have a wonderful Summer!!!

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