Friday, April 22, 2011

5 steps to making Stove Top Coffee

I love coffee and nothing beats making the perfect cup on the stove top.
Check out the May issue of Bon Appetit.  Erin McCarthy of Gimme  in NYC lays out step by step how to make the perfect stove top coffee....

La Vita Moka: 5 Steps to Perfect Stove-Top Coffee

moka-pots-v.jpgWant the kind of dark, rich coffee that any caffe-loving Italian swears by? ('s we love Italy month here at BA.) Get yourself a stove-to-table moka pot, pronto. Click through our 5 Favorite Moka Pots-- including Richard Sapper's for Alessi, pictured left--to pick your favorite. But first, Erin McCarthy of Gimme! Coffee in New York City lays down some knowledge in our moka manual below.

1/ Pour hot water into the base to just below the pressure valve. Preheating prevents the collecting chamber from getting too hot and burning the coffee.


2. Fill the basket with ground coffee, ideally espresso roast. The grind should be finer than drip coffee but coarser than espresso so it doesn't clog the pot.


3. Level the grounds in the basket, place inside the base of the pot, and screw on the collecting chamber: A tight seal is key to prevent hot coffee from leaking.


4. With the lid open, place the pot over medium-low heat. Once the coffee is flowing in a steady stream, remove the pot from the heat and close the lid.


5. Wrap the base with a damp, cold kitchen towel to stop the extraction. This makes for a sweeter, richer flavor. Pour and enjoy.

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