Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beach Day

Another beautiful day at the Beach in Southern California. I was so surprised to see the fog rolling in. The tide was low so I was off to investigate.

See the rocks in the distance? This is one my my favorite tide pools in Malibu.

Not to big, not to small....

 Can you see the little crab???

These hermits crabs are so tiny. The tide pools were loaded with them.

More hermit crabs....

I didn't spot any large starfish this time around. Only tiny ones.
This is about 3 inches long.

Found another little cluster of starfish. These are a bit bigger. About 5 inches????

Sea Anemone's....

This Sea Anemone has a bit purple on its tentacle's.

Found some lace agate for my jar at home.

and just as I was leaving the sun came out.....

Happy Weekend!!!

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