Sunday, November 28, 2010

Santa Monica Antique Fair

I couldn't wait to visit the Antique Fair in Santa Monica. Today was just a day of looking and not buying. Trust me, it was really hard. I just adore these vintage mother of pearl jam spoons.
Take a look at the workman ship and the attention to detail. The vendor wanted 85.00 for the pair.
I really love these....but I'm going to be good...they will find a good home.

These Russian tea glass holders are were made in Warsaw in the 19th century. The vendor wanted 120.00 for the pair which was a screaming deal. To date these holders have been the most beautiful I've ever seen.

A sweet brass heart necklace which I thought was pretty. Something I would have worn in the 80's.

I met a lovely jewelry designer, Jane, who specializes in Victorian antiques, linens, and of course vintage jewelry.
Her pieces are original and well priced. I should have take more photo's but I was overwhelmed with what she had at her booth.....really beautiful.

Mother of pearl opera glass from the 1800' know these have my
name on them...but I was good today....just looking and dreaming....

Vintage Buttons

Vintage Bakelite Buttons

I love these vintage amber medicine bottles....

Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

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