Sunday, November 21, 2010

Farmers Market

The Farmer's Market was unusually busy today. It seems that the entire community came out
 in anticipation of the holiday.
I've never seen so much squash and fresh herbs in my life.
It got me thinking that I've never tried making
 my own butternut squash soup only because I can buy it from someone
at the farmer's market but I'm thinking it's something I might have to try to make myself sometime

Butternut Squash

I should of asked...but I have no idea what kind of squash this is. 

Acorn Squash


And lots of fresh cut herbs....

Carrots for roasting?????

Some of the flowers vendor closed early only because they had sold most of their flowers....
I was still lucky to find these orange gerber's. I bought 3 bouquets for home.

These were hard to resist but I did....maybe next week....

I'm off to spend the rest  of the day at the beach, puttering around the house and baking something wonderful.
Have a great weekend!!!!

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