Sunday, October 24, 2010

Santa Monica Antique Mart

The Santa Monica Antique Mart is one of the best antique marts around town. Dealers
from all over the world come here to show there antiques etc...
I was mesmerized buy how much silverware was on display.
I was in heaven.
I also saw a couple of high profile interior designers with their clients so
I know I was at the right place.

Spoons, Spoons and more spoons.

Vintage Photos

Vintage Hollywood Magazines...
Thanks to Ellen at Ellen's Elegants who let me snap some
photo's are her booth.

Mother of Pearl Silverware....hmm....I'm thinking....

Yes....once I saw these beauties I snapped them up. Service for 6 and
I got a screaming deal!!!
Anyone who know me knows that I'm a freak for mother of pearl. I have been
dreaming of a set forever and today was the day I made it happen.

And when I saw this flatware for 6 I couldn't resist. This set came from England.
Again.... I got a screaming deal and I love it.

And my shopping expericence would not be complete if I didn't find any
vintage jewels to take home. These beauties are in perfect condition and
I snapped them up for 5.00 bucks

 This piece converts to a brooch or pendant.
The dealer wanted 3.00 bucks.
I love it. 

Another great pair of rhinestone earrings....

The Santa Antique Mart is opened the first and fourth Sunday of
every month. Parking is free and admission is 5.00.
Happy Treasure Hunting.

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