Saturday, September 18, 2010

Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirt

After lunch I thought it would be nice to visit the Russian Orthodox Church in Vilnius. The
church originally dates back from the mid 16th century. The interior of the church is spectacular, 
bursting with frescos, icons and a magnificent cupola that is painted in rich blue and greens.

The photo of the cupola does not
 capture it's true beauty.

The real quirky/interesting thing to see is the crypt of the bodies of the three saints
Antanas, Ivan and Eustachius who met their destiny on the hill where the church now sits.

The bodies are supposedly fully dresses in white at Christmas, in black during lent and red for the rest of the year with the exception of June 26th when they are put on display entirely naked...YIKES....
Next on the agenda is Ausros Vartai and St Anne's Church.

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