Friday, September 24, 2010

The Cathedral of St. Stainlaus and St. Ladislaus

The most important Catholic building in Lithuania is the Cathedral of St. Stainlaus and St. Ladislaus. The church was first built by newly converted Grand Duke of Mindaugas which was originally a pagen site.

The three statues on top of the building are St. Stanislaus, Helena and Casimir. Supposedly representing Poland, Russia and Lithuania. 

Among the must see is the Baroque Chapel of Saint Casimir who is Lithuania's Patron Saint and
is considered Lithuania's national treasure.

And saving the best for last...This is the Stebuklas which means "miracle"
in Lithuanian....Rumor has it if you should step on the tile, turn three times and make a 
wish it will come true.

Hmm...can you guess what I am wising for?

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