Monday, September 27, 2010

Antanas Kmieliauskas

Antanas Kmieliauskas is one of Lithuania's most versatile contemporary artists.
His works include sculpture, drawing, painting and murals.
His graphics are my most favorite.  Mr. Kmieliauskas created an original 
graphic transfer technique and I was lucky enough to be invited
to his studio where he briefly explained his process.
Here are some photos.

Here is an original copper template that is used for making the graphics.

Here is an example of a copper template and the finished piece.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farmers Market

On the weekends, when the weather is warm it's the perfect time to spend at the outdoor market. You
never know what you might find.

Happy Weekend!!!

Russian Icons

  There is a rich history and deep symbolic meaning associated with icons.
Icons are considered to be "The Gospel" in paint.
Some icons are frequently covered with metal covers made from silver or gold with ornate
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union many icons have found there way out of Russia and
are available for sale.
Kestutis Mickevicuis is one the best antique dealers in Vilnius and is collection
of icons from around the world is outstanding.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vilnius In Your Pocket - Vilnius City Tour

Gediminas Castle

Another must see in Lithuania is Gedimina's Castle. Dating from the 13th century the 
castle was rebuilt in 1419 by the Grand Duke Vytautas following the great fire of

The climb to the towers is worth the effort.

Inside the castle you'll find intresting bits and pieces concerning the tower's history.

Breathe taking views of Vilnius on top of the tower.


Friday, September 24, 2010

The Cathedral of St. Stainlaus and St. Ladislaus

The most important Catholic building in Lithuania is the Cathedral of St. Stainlaus and St. Ladislaus. The church was first built by newly converted Grand Duke of Mindaugas which was originally a pagen site.

The three statues on top of the building are St. Stanislaus, Helena and Casimir. Supposedly representing Poland, Russia and Lithuania. 

Among the must see is the Baroque Chapel of Saint Casimir who is Lithuania's Patron Saint and
is considered Lithuania's national treasure.

And saving the best for last...This is the Stebuklas which means "miracle"
in Lithuanian....Rumor has it if you should step on the tile, turn three times and make a 
wish it will come true.

Hmm...can you guess what I am wising for?

Monday, September 20, 2010

St. Anne's Church

Without a doubt St. Anne's Church is one Vilnius's most
famous landmarks. The church was originally built in honor
of Ona, the wife of Vytautas the Great.

The church is composed of 33 different styles of brick that are
carefully assembled into a delicate and intricate whole.

Rumor has it while Emperor Napoleon was visiting Vilnius he wanted to take
the building back to Paris in the palm of his hand.

Follow your bliss....

"Follow your bliss 
and the Universe
will open doors for you
where there were
only walls"
Joseph Campbell

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirt

After lunch I thought it would be nice to visit the Russian Orthodox Church in Vilnius. The
church originally dates back from the mid 16th century. The interior of the church is spectacular, 
bursting with frescos, icons and a magnificent cupola that is painted in rich blue and greens.

The photo of the cupola does not
 capture it's true beauty.

The real quirky/interesting thing to see is the crypt of the bodies of the three saints
Antanas, Ivan and Eustachius who met their destiny on the hill where the church now sits.

The bodies are supposedly fully dresses in white at Christmas, in black during lent and red for the rest of the year with the exception of June 26th when they are put on display entirely naked...YIKES....
Next on the agenda is Ausros Vartai and St Anne's Church.