Monday, March 8, 2010

Sea Glass

Sea glass is one of my new favorite materials to work with. It's actually funny to think that sea glass is actually valued considering it's man made litter. Some people also refer to sea glass as lucky tears or mermaid tears. You can find sea glass along beaches or large lakes that have had the edges tumbled and smoothed from the water and sand. The most common colors one can find is usually, green, white, or amber. The most valued colors to find are cornflower blue and red.

I recently went to the beach in Malibu and found a couple of great pieces to work with. Take a look.

One of my favorite resources for buying drilled sea glass is from a great shop on Etsy called The Deep Blue. The assortment is always wonderful and the price point is just right.
Take a look at a couple of sea glass necklaces I made using pre drilled sea glass from The Deep Blue and some pieces that I drilled on my own.

Happy Treasure Hunting.

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